Critical Acclaim

“Peter Oundjian expertly conducted the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and Choruses, and the Huddersfield Choral Society. This Prom was undoubtedly the most moving of the season for me.”
– The Sunday Times, London, September 16, 2018, Paul Driver

“Every detail of all this shone out in Oundjian’s reading, and the superb playing for him of the musicians.”
– The Herald, Glasgow, June 4, 2018, Keith Bruce

The attention and detail and polished clarity that Oundjian and the musicians brought to the Stravinsky, every note and every bar given its precise weight, was revelatory.”
– The Herald, Glasgow, October 9, 2017, Keith Bruce

“By any account — orchestral standards, innovative programming, recording, and tours — Oundjian’s long tenure has been spectacularly successful.”
– Musical Toronto, May 5, 2017

“It did not take this energetic, wonderful musician much time to improve the fortunes of the orchestra. In the here and now, I would place the Toronto Symphony easily in the top ten of North American orchestras, probably right after the Big Five and L.A. Yes, that good.”
– Musical Toronto, May 5, 2017, Anthony Kershaw

“Under his blazing baton, the orchestra saw extensive audience growth and multiple sold-out performances.”
– Canadian Jewish News, April 19, 2017

“By rebuilding personal and public relationships, Oundjian is credited as a major force in restoring the TSO to its high professional status and strengthened financial connections.”
– The Jerusalem Post, April 27, 2017

“Thursday’s concert reconfirmed that Oundjian has a good musical rapport with this orchestra and can draw from them solid, engaging performances. One can’t help but look forward to his next appearance on the ASO podium.”
– ArtsATL, January 6, 2017, Mark Gresham

“Maestro Oundjian is still standing before them [the TSO] as their music director; the ship still afloat. How fortunate for Canada – and the World, for that matter that that is the case. It is clear that this is an ensemble of the very first level of excellence.”
– Sound Word Sight, January 17, 2016

“Oundjian kept the ensemble tight, while at the same time infusing the work with a remarkable flexibility. The orchestra has to be commended for tackling contemporary music so brilliantly and one wishes they could have included the work’s first movement in the program.”
– Palm Beach Daily News, January 2016

“Oundjian’s Toronto Symphony, player for player, is a well-trained and excellent ensemble… They have proven time and gain that they are capable of substantial artistic achievement.”
– Globe and Mail, 2014

“Things tend to go very well whenever Peter Oundjian makes a guest conducting engagement with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.  His return this weekend for a program of works filled with color and melodic adventure is especially rewarding.”
– Baltimore Sun, April 18, 2015, Tim Smith

“Under Mr. Oundjian the orchestra has maintained its shine, but now it packs a firm punch as well.”
– The New York Times, 2008

“This was the program of a music director who was ready to stab his baton at the air and say, we dare you to compare us to the world’s finest orchestras.”
– Toronto Star, March 2011

“Here was an evening that affirmed the calibre of the ensemble and the undiminished podium authority of Peter Oundjian at the beginning of his penultimate season as music director.”
– Musical Toronto, Sept. 24, 2016

“This season being Peter Oundjian’s second last with the TSO, I have to say this performance represents one of his crowning achievements.”
– Musical Toronto, September 29, 2016

“Oundjian kept the audience under a musical spell for what seemed like a blissful eternity while the final sounds reverberated throughout the hall. The subsequent overwhelming shouts of bravo from a spontaneous standing ovation for our outstanding orchestra, soloists, and choirs was a tribute to the triumph of this remarkable evening. This was more than just a highlight of this new season; it was a moment to be remembered in the history of the TSO.”
– Toronto Concert Reviews, September 29, 2016

“I was particularly blown away by the rapport between Oundjian and the orchestra in their interpretation of Tchaikovsky’s “Pathétique” symphony, a very powerful performance that makes an impressive calling card indeed.”
– Barczablog, December 23, 2015

“Despite the damp, cold weather, the new year started warm and bright at the Kravis Center thanks to a thrilling concert by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Under the baton of Music Director Peter Oundjian, the group impressed for its precision, technical virtuosity and varied color palette.”
– Palm Beach Daily News, January 4, 2016

“A showcase piece for exceptional orchestras, it received a most memorable reading by Oundjian. The conductor built up the climaxes with utmost precision and tackled with similarly perfection the more lyrical passages, in which he made this gigantic suite sound like chamber music. There was a lot of risk taking in his use of rubato (rhythmic flexibility), but he knew his musicians could follow him nevertheless.”
– Palm Beach Daily News, January 4, 2016

“Oundjian seemed to shape the various passages & episodes with the kind of boldness of a raconteur: which come to think of it, is something Oundjian sometimes does before concerts in Toronto. And so instead of telling us stories verbally, it was as though he was shaping the stories from the 1001 Nights at the podium with his baton.”
– Barczablog, Janurary 8, 2016

“After a seamless transition to the winds, Oundjian made the stunning violas weep—as he created a battle sequence that seemed to emphasize not militarism but a human being’s helplessness in the face of it. At the end of the first movement, my throat unexpectedly gurgled as I tried to swallow. Should have brought more than one handkerchief.”
– Gil French, American Record Guide, July/August 2016

Oundjian and the orchestra gave Pal a performance of his dreams.”
– Musical Toronto, May 5, 2017

“The fabulous conductor Peter Oundjian, inspired the orchestra to perform with a positive, radiant energy, leading them with precise, exemplary conducting. It’s evident that their long-term collaboration has turned the outstanding musicians into a first class orchestra.”
– Onetz, German media, May 17, 2017

“With the estimable Peter Oundjian on the podium, the orchestra came to Prague Spring this year to play a two-concert tribute to Ančerl. The first offered a stellar program: two Czech works and Brahmsʼ Concerto for violin in D major featuring one of the finest string players on the planet, Maxim Vengerov. The sense of anticipation entering Smetana Hall was palpable, and the orchestra delivered a performance that would have made Ančerl proud.”
– Bachtrack, May 22, 2017

“In addition, you cannot underestimate the importance of Peter Oundjian to the success of this album. The former first violinist of the Tokyo String Quartet has become a world class conductor.”
– Fanfare, March 2014

“Interpretively, Oundjian doesn’t put a foot wrong, for his recording is cannily paced, scrupulously prepared, free of artifice and, ultimately, very moving.”
– Gramophone, May 2012